Established in 1977

NAPS Solution for Businesses

Hiring North American Protection Services guarantees you 25 years of distinguished security service experience. We recognize your need for a safe environment, and we have the resources and the experience to provide it.

When guarding a client's property, N.A.P.S. security/concierge officers exercise extreme care and diligence in identifying any irregularities or disturbances, simultaneously preventing theft, vandalism and damage.

We are:

Noticeable: N.A.P.S. guards make sure their presence on site is obvious. Patrolling techniques have been specialized for each site and established concierge desk procedures are adapted to your needs. The presence of an authority figure is a major component of security at N.A.P.S.

Accountable: N.A.P.S. guards are aware of their specialized responsibilities and this is effectively demonstrated through their actions. Specialized post orders are established to accommodate your needs and are also used for guard performance appraisals.

Punctual: N.A.P.S. guards are aware of the importance you place on your time and resources. All guards arrive on site 20 minutes prior to their scheduled shift to make an efficient shift transition.

Serviceable: N.A.P.S. guards are dispatched to your site with the appropriate training and experience to perform the necessary security service for each client's special needs.

Crucial elements of N.A.P.S. permanent and evolving company culture:

  • Training - In-house, outsourced from OPP, Seneca College, or proven private companies.
  • High Profile Uniforms - North American Protection Services routinely issues each security/concierge officer a uniform and equipment. Clients may request that security/concierge officers wear a blazer suit style uniform. Uniforms are inspected on Site. Post inspections by supervisors include a uniform inspection to insure that officers are neat in appearance. Personal hygiene, hair length and style must be in keeping with North American Protection Services regulations. Any missing uniform articles are corrected immediately. Signs of uniform disrepair are reported to management and addressed prior to the next scheduled shift.
  • Fully Licensed - North American Protection Services is in full compliance with all security licensing regulations as stated in the Private Security and Investigative Services Act.
  • Fully Insured - North American Protection Services currently carries a two million dollar general liability policy and a two million dollar excess liability policy. Arrangements can be made to increase this amount should it be required, with each client being named as an additional insured.
  • Report Reviews by Supervisors - All security/concierge officers are required to complete daily log and incident reports. Supervisors are responsible for reviewing all reports and alerting executive management of any disturbances. Copies of all reports are forwarded to head office and can be accessed at the client's request.
  • Printouts of Activity - Daily log and incident report printouts, detailing security/concierge officer activity, are available at the client's request. They report the officer's name, date, time and specific locations patrolled. There is also a brief synopsis of any incidents that may have occurred.
  • Cultural Diversity - Employment practices are not influenced or affected by an applicant's or client's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.
  • Recruitment Process - This is the first step in establishing a successful and dependable team. It guaranties that only the best candidates are chosen to represent our company.
  • Management Team- Composed of highly educated, respectful and motivated professionals. Their primary goal is to put our client's needs first, through maintenance and development of quality service.