Established in 1977


Our Top Concern

North American Protection Services recognizes the fact that training is a vital determinant in ensuring effective job performance. That makes training N.A.P.S. top concern. Corporate resources are used to provide continuous training for all N.A.P.S. employees. Our training curriculum is comprised of the following:

  • Administrative and Security/Concierge Orientation
  • Legal Authority
  • Authority of the Security/Concierge Orientation
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Protection of the Crime Scene
  • Company Policy and Procedures
  • Public Relations
  • Report Writing
  • Method of Patrol
  • First Aid
  • Communications
  • Fire Prevention
  • Defensive Driving
  • Uniforms and Equipment

Training Tailored to Client Needs

Pre-assignment training provides a basis for professional security/concierge officer coverage. On-site training is also essential to ensure that your specific requirements are met. Each new security/concierge officer trains with a supervisor until they are proficient in the performance of their assigned duties.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training is also necessary to develop additional skills, increase knowledge, and prevent complacency in job performance. Periodically, North American Protection Services supervisors utilize "Training Task Sheets" to test security/concierge officers on their knowledge of specific duties. "Training Manuals" on a range of topics related to security/concierge duties are routinely provided to all officers. All our staff is encouraged to attend approved courses in security/concierge services to enhance their knowledge.

Training for Supervisory Staff

Supervisory and managerial employees also need job-related training if they are to have a positive influence on the personnel they direct. All North American Protection Services supervisors attend in-house training classes on techniques of supervision and management, company regulations and policies, equipment maintenance, and specific duties. Before receiving their first assignment, new supervisors are trained on-the-job for several shifts by senior supervisors.

Management Seminars

Members of the management staff regularly attend seminars and lectures sponsored by professional organizations, learning centers and local colleges. Management attends lectures on guard force management, public relations, personnel policies and procedures, security/concierge officer training, fiscal management, total quality management, and security/concierge liability, to name just a few.