Established in 1977

Residential Security

Residential areas are a high priority for N.A.P.S., our clients and owners. Criminal activity affects every community across the GTA and North American Protection Services has established security procedures to put a stop to that criminal activity.

N.A.P.S. established security procedures include a variety of services tailored to the specifications of individual needs for your condominium, apartment or home.

Protecting your premises and the integrity of your residential building is always our priority, whether a high or low profile security presence is required. That's why our site-based training centers on the following potential risks:

  • Fire and flood
  • Theft and fraud
  • Criminal damage
  • Loss of confidentiality

Clients of N.A.P.S. benefit directly from our experience in the security industry. We've put 25 years of knowledge and experience into our training procedures. This makes N.A.P.S. your number one choice for residential security throughout the GTA.