Established in 1977

NAPS Management

Mission Statement

We at North American Protection Services work closely as a team. Each member of our entire staff is a key player and is expected to perform to their fullest abilities in a courteous, respectful and helpful manner. N.A.P.S. is committed to ensuring open and honest communication between clients, management and staff in order to provide the best quality of service possible.

Fundamental to North American Protection Services business success is an effective and creative management team. Through policies and procedures, staff managers have the ability to create a corporate environment where each employee's internal motivation can flourish. In order to provide quality security/concierge services to our clients, we must first provide quality support to all our N.A.P.S. employees.

Three Keys to our Effective Management:

1. A Solid Reputation

NNorth American Protection Services enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the Greater Toronto Area. N.A.P.S. caters to many of Toronto's most prestigious developers & property management firms. We are very proud to serve all our clients and are delighted to meet all client security/concierge needs.

2. A Strong Philosophy

North American Protection Services goal is to cater to individual client needs with the utmost professionalism. N.A.P.S. size, experienced management team, responsive staff and commitment to total customer satisfaction define every aspect of our service.

3. Easy Access to the Management Team.

Each of our clients has direct access to a North American Protection Services supervisor who can address any concerns or issues that may arise. There is always a manager on duty, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An executive can also be paged at any time.