Established in 1977


North American Protection Services is a local security and concierge contract company that was incorporated in the Province of Ontario in 1984.

North American Protection Services has a management support staff highly experienced in providing quality security/concierge services.Our head office is located in the GTA to provide the client with immediate access to management services. North American Protection Services is fully committed to its clients. Our professional, trained and experienced staff is dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients, with the aim of providing optimal security/concierge coverage.

North American Protection Services employees are categorized as follows:

  • Executive Staff
  • Clerical
  • Supervisors
  • Security/Concierge Officers

The most important objective for providing successful security/concierge coverage is to take the necessary time to listen and clearly understand each client's specific requirements and expectations. This ensures that we are able to appoint the best-qualified and suited security/concierge officers to fit each client's needs.